What You Need to Know About DeskFlex


DeskFlex is an innovative company that offers complete system solutions for any type of business office. Whether you need to manage your meeting rooms or you want to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, Deskflex has you covered. These products are easy to use and have features that help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. In addition, the touchscreen interface makes it easy to manage meeting rooms.

DeskFlex’s Visitor Management

DeskFlex’s Visitor Management System provides organizations with an effective way to monitor visitor activity. It can identify visitors who may have elevated temperatures or who don’t wear a mask, and it can provide a means of contact tracing in case a person has been contaminated. This system also offers users a variety of reports and analytics, helping organizations plan their workspaces to keep employees safe.

DeskFlex’s Visitor Management System is compatible with Microsoft Active Directory and integrates with existing networks for seamless calendar syncing. It offers an intuitive user interface that helps users manage staff availability, schedule meetings, and view other staff’s schedules. DeskFlex also offers an integrated room reservation system, allowing users to reserve desk space with a few clicks of their mouse.

DeskFlex’s Visitor Management System allows offices to book conference rooms, meeting rooms, activity venues, and equipment. This allows organizations to generate additional income by renting out shared spaces. The system also supports modern operating systems and Bluetooth devices, making it possible to send information over short distances.

DeskFlex’s Visitor Management System also allows organizations to track employee activity and provides detailed reports for office managers. It can even track the use of office equipment such as WiFi and telephone speakers. All of these features streamline the office management process, allowing businesses to optimize office space and increase employee productivity. With DeskFlex’s Visitor Management, businesses can easily reserve desks and track user availability from their mobile devices and desktop computers. The system also facilitates easy room management and helps employers avoid scheduling conflicts and no-shows.

DeskFlex’s Visitor Management software integrates with Microsoft Outlook calendaring. Users can schedule multiple meetings at the same time and add visitors or services to them. It can also manage employee schedules, staff meetings, and employee desk reservations. Furthermore, users can integrate DeskFlex with their PBX systems for extra security.

Visitor Management can also help limit the spread of infection in the workplace. With a visitor management system, visitors can sign in using a simple sign-in process. The software can also conduct daily health surveys and temperature checks.

Its temperature and mask detection

DeskFlex’s temperature and mask-detection feature helps prevent the spread of infection in the office by detecting elevated body temperature and the mask used to protect the face. This feature can be integrated with biometric scanners and surveillance cameras. It can even serve as a reminder system for vaccinations. It is a valuable addition to any work environment with high density of workers, where the risk of infection is significant.

DeskFlex integrates with COVID vaccination programs. It allows you to manage COVID vaccination records and send reminders to employees. It also reduces office space costs by helping companies better manage their desk reservation process. The platform even has a free 30-day trial, during which users can book desks and other workspaces without incurring any expenses.

Its touchscreen interface

DeskFlex’s room booking and management software is a great tool for meeting planners and organizers. It helps them coordinate meetings with local authorities and book meeting rooms. Users can also get updates on the availability of function rooms near them. Users can also sign up for a free trial to see if the service is right for them.

DeskFlex has a touchscreen interface that makes managing meeting rooms a breeze. It’s easy to schedule meetings, set up blocks of office space, set special rates for meetings, and manage energy consumption. Users can even enter notes and confirm bookings without leaving the comfort of their home. The system helps businesses increase their productivity, save money, and streamline meeting room management.

Whether you’re managing conference rooms, classrooms, or even operating rooms, DeskFlex’s touchscreen interface makes management a breeze. It’s compatible with Outlook and MS Exchange and comes with a 30-day free trial. It will save you time and money and provide you with the best meeting room management software for your business.

DeskFlex’s powerful features allow businesses to manage office space, track employee availability, and set aside blocks for upcoming events. Users can also view available desks and other equipment, and even reserve parking spaces. The software can also connect to a telephone system to route calls to specific workers.

The system is also compatible with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. Users can easily share calendars with other users. The software also helps organizations avoid costly office space by optimizing office space utilization. The software offers a free 30-day trial that lets them book meeting rooms and desks without having to pay for the service.

DeskFlex’s touchscreen interface is the next evolution in meeting room management software. It makes managing meeting rooms simple and intuitive. With just a few clicks, employees can book workspaces and cubicles without the hassles of navigating through menus or navigating through complicated manuals. The system also provides a real-time display of the workspace’s availability. The user-adjustable LED lights help employees determine whether a particular desk is available for them or not.

Its free 30-day trial period

DeskFlex offers a free 30-day trial period, during which users can book office desks for a limited period of time. To sign up, users must agree to the service’s terms and conditions and complete a COVID-19 questionnaire. Additionally, they must agree to DeskFlex’s social distancing policy. Once approved, users can make desk reservations by choosing their office location, adding notes, and confirming the booking.

DeskFlex is a hot desk room booking software that integrates with Outlook calendars. It is designed to minimize the risk of cross-infection in the office environment by allowing users to book desks and view their availability. It also offers the ability to monitor the status of your facilities and rooms, which allows for easy tracking of their usage. The system also features a 3D floor map, which allows users to better visualize their office space.

DeskFlex is available as a software program or a plug-in. It also offers a mobile app for both Apple and Android platforms, which allows employees to check in from their smartphones. This allows for more flexibility when managing office space and maximizing employee productivity. Another advantage of DeskFlex is that it offers group bookings and can be configured to send automatic messages prior to arrival.

The software’s user interface is easy to use and integrates with existing office equipment. It also allows users to manage and monitor desk reservations, monitor office space availability, and add services to meetings. A free 30-day trial period makes it easy to see whether this solution is right for your company’s needs. DeskFlex is an excellent option for office space reservation and management. The system offers the ability to reserve office space for one-hour or 24 hours. It also eliminates human error and provides email confirmations and text notifications. The system is suitable for coworking spaces and venue rental businesses.


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