Tuna Fish in Telugu

Tuna Fish in Telugu

Are you looking to pronounce Tuna fish in Telugu name? Well, you’ve come to the right place as this short compact topic will help you find the Telugu language alternative word for Tuna fish. Toora Chepa is the name for tuna in Telugu, while there can be various alternatives depending upon different regions.

Tuna Fish in Telugu Price

It is certain that Tuna fish comes is liked everywhere and, likewise, carries a substantial price in India as well. In addition, a bulk supply of about Tuna fish is requested from foreign countries. Therefore, this imported supply is distributed all over India, including Telugu.

Besides, there are different size variations in Tuna fish, and prices are set accordingly. So a Tuna fish with a smaller form factor is going to be cheaper as compared with a large-sized fish. In Telugu, the 1 kg price of Tuna fish ranges from RS 700-2000. Also, this price can fluctuate depending on the economy, environmental factors, and demand. 


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