Sprung Gym Flooring


Whether you’re planning on installing a gym in your home, or just need to resurface an existing one, sprung gym flooring can be a smart choice for your home. These versatile flooring surfaces are made of EPDM rubber, making them a popular choice for a variety of uses, including floating floors and court tiles.

Sprung rubber fitness rolls

Sprung rubber fitness rolls are ideal for gym flooring because they combine superior quality with a wide range of functionality. Their water-resistant, antimicrobial and anti-slip features are great for commercial or home gyms. They also come in a wide variety of colors to suit your tastes.

These types of tiles are easy to install, come in a variety of colors and are resistant to moisture. They are also easy to clean. These types of floor tiles can also be used for a variety of different activities. They are perfect for home gyms, portable gyms and even CrossFit studios.

Sprung offers Premium Prime Grade rubber tiles in three different thicknesses. Each of the tiles is designed to withstand high impact exercises while providing slip resistance and smooth mobility. They also come in a variety of different colors to complement any fitness facility.

Rubber gym flooring rolls are also a popular choice for CrossFit studios and Ninja Warrior gyms. They are easy to install, absorb shock and are resistant to moisture. They are also great for walkways and decks.

EPDM rubber ‘court tiles’

Whether you are building a gym or simply upgrading your home’s floors, rubber tiles are an excellent choice. They are durable, easy to install, and offer excellent shock absorption.

When choosing a rubber floor for your gym, you can select from several different types. EPDM rubber ‘court tiles’ are one type that offers great durability and shock absorption. These tiles are made from a durable synthetic rubber material called Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM). EPDM is a comonomer that is ethylene, propylene and diene, and it is safe for children and pets.

Another type of rubber floor is rolled rubber, which is perfect for heavy traffic areas like fitness studios, and commercial gyms. Rolls are also easy to clean. They are odorless and have a high level of color. You can add color to your rubber floor by choosing one with color flecks.

For the home gym, you may choose an interlocking tile that allows for easy installation and removal. These tiles are great for weight rooms, locker rooms, and small fitness studios.

EPDM rubber ‘floating floor’ surfacing

Whether you are putting down flooring in your home gym or you are planning to build a multi-purpose facility, EPDM rubber sprung gym flooring is a great choice. It is durable, easy to install, and provides a great deal of slip resistance.

It is not always easy to choose a flooring material that will perform the best in your home or business. There are several considerations to make, including long-term maintenance and safety. It is best to consult a flooring professional who can give you advice on the best rubber surface for your needs.

There are many different types of rubber surfacing to choose from. The best ones are durable and attractive. They are able to handle heavy traffic and frequent changes in weather. They are also easy to clean.

For the best results, use a non-acidic cleaning agent. Avoid acetone-based cleaners as they can damage the rubber surface. You should also consider using a place rug to reduce the amount of debris that gets tracked in.

Multipurpose uses for sprung gym flooring

Sprung gym flooring is a durable, resilient, and high-performance surface. This type of flooring is usually made of EPDM rubber and offers excellent shock absorption. It also offers excellent traction, which makes it ideal for active training and sports. It is also UV, ozone, and water resistant.

A sprung gym floor will protect the subfloor, which is typically a concrete or wood floor. It will be firm under large and heavy objects, yet soft enough to provide a comfortable feel.

Usually, a sprung floor will have a rubber underlay on top. This is especially helpful when installing new gym flooring over an old one. It will also reduce vibration and noise.

Some gyms use sprung floors in combination with other flooring materials, such as vinyl. These floors are odorless and can be cut to the desired size. They are also highly resistant to wear, making them a good choice for commercial use.

Sprung flooring is typically used in physical education programs, gymnastics, and cheerleading. It also offers a soft surface, which makes it an ideal choice for dance programs.


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