Pomfret Fish in Tamil

Pomfret Fish in Tamil

Pomfret is another highly popular fish found in Indian waters. Pomfret fish in Tamil name is often recognized as “Vaaval.” Besides, there can be various understandings regarding pomfret fish in Tamil meaning that is independent of people living in various parts of this famous Indian state.

Pomfret Fish in Tamil Prices in India

If we start with the general introduction, Pomfret fish is a part of a large network of fish which is Bramidae. There are over 15-20 possible types of fish in this network, and Pomfret is one of them. Most generally known are red, white, and black pomfret fish.

Besides, each fish in this family is widely consumed all across the globe, so it counts as a basic necessity of life.

In addition, there are various price distinctions of Pomfret in India. Pomfret fish in Tamil range from RS 500-700, depending upon the size and the value of the fish itself. Therefore, prices can differ as each fish carries its unique value.


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