Masako Katsura

Masako Katsura
Masako Katsura

Have you ever heard about Masako Katsura? She might just be another figure in the history books to you, but, she is more than what you think. She was an inspirational figure for all of us through her achievement which she achieved in billiards in the past.

Therefore, it is crucial for over youth to comprehend the actual purpose behind her efforts. Indeed, she consolidated the concept of an independent woman with her exceptional career in sports. This article is bringing up all the major details of Masako Katsura. This will enhance your understanding of her life journey through a dynamic perspective.

So without any further delay, let’s jump into the details:

Why is Masako still recognized today?

Masako Katsura is recognized for her talent, she performed in billiards. She was the first woman in the history of billiards, who took part in the competition internationally. On that note, she became famous as “the first lady of billiards”. And she broke the gender barrier with her appearance.

At that time, billiards was considered a male-dominated sport. So, no woman would come up and dare to challenge the male host in this game. But it was her, who challenged a male player in 1950. And told everyone, that billiards is no more a game for a specific gender.

So why not recognize her, since she gave such a good inspirational thought to the women’s community. Regardless of sports, women can approach every department of life with more power, as she did. But, every woman needs to find a mentor to experience her journey in life with more courage.

Major headlines of Masako’s life:

Here are some uplifting and motivating headlines, that belong to Masako Katsura. These headlines will help you to find the right and encouraging way in your profession.

Early life

Masako Katsura was born on 7th March 1913 in the capital of Japan. She use to live with her father, three sisters, and a brother in childhood. But, at the age of 12 when her father died, she was shifted to her married sister’s house. Her brother-in-law owns a billiards parlour.

She decided to work at her brother-in-law’s parlour at the age of 13. And after a year she started as a billiard attendant in that club. Kobashi was a kind of professional player, who started teaching the fundamentals and important rules of billiards to her.

Katsura turned out to be a good player and started playing billiards at home too. She decided to pick that route and appears as a gentle player. She started competing with male players and beat them with her supernatural talent. At the age of 15, she won the women’s championship straight rail tournament in Japan.

But in 1937, Masako’s game’s level shifted straightway to the level of perfection. She met Matsuyama, who was a well-known billiards player and has so many titles in it. Masako Katsura impressed him with her talent, and he started teaching her extraordinary techniques of billiards.

That teaching period led her to perfection and by that time she became a top-notch player. In 1947, she showed up as an established player becoming the only female billiard player in the country.


In 1947, when Katsura was giving billiard exhibitions, she met Ralph Greenleaf in Tokyo’s service club. He was not associated with billiards, he was a fine sergeant in the U.S army. But, as he felt an attraction to Masako, he started learning billiards from her for better understanding.

And finally, they married in 1950 on November 30. Masako Katsura didn’t leave her career and started with some quality knocks right after her marriage. But, her husband was transferred to a U.S post from Tokyo. So she also has to leave her country to move to the U.S.

After getting to the U.S, Masako Katsura gave a private exhibition to Cochran. Cochran was the person, whose club hosts the international billiard championship event. Because, she was asked to take part in this championship, that is why he wants to see her strategy.

In that private exhibition, she showed her class marvellous scoring and potting. She took the level of billiard to perfection with her intensive talent. He approves her for the sponsor for inviting her to the tournament as a player.

The first competition for the world title

The appearance of Masako Katsura in 1952’s world championship, marked the prominence of women in sports. Since she was the first woman who took place in a world championship title. A decade before, Ruth McGinnis was the first woman to be invited to a men’s professional billiard tournament in the U.S.

But, in Masako’s case, she became famous because of her international championship appearance. She performed with a great strategy to become a worldwide sensation. Regardless of losing the tournament, she proved herself to be a player of class and elegance.

Exhibitions, moves, and play

After her appearance in the first international title, she continued her game with more professionalism. She joined many exhibitions where she taught the fundamentals of billiards. But, this wasn’t all she did, she kept playing three-cushion tournaments and kept proving herself a master.

Between 1953, she played so many innings with exceptional figures. These figures and scores uplifted her to the top-rank players of billiards. And right after 1953, she played in the three-cushion world tournament continuing with her international career. Masako Katsura gave her fullest in every inning and proved to be a sensation again.

Her billiard career and score went uplifting every year. In 1958, she attempted almost 30 exhibitions, but she was in a virtual retirement for five years. In this era, she launched two billiard instruction books in Japan.


Masako Katsura died in 1995 in Japan, leaving the world of billiards in sorrow. But, she is still known as a mentor and inspiration.

Final words:

This biography of Masako Katsura brings up an innovative impact on the women’s community. So if you are struggling in any phase of your life, read this article to get courage from the first lady of billiards. This may help you to become a legacy on google doodle as an inspiration, like her.


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