How to Give Your Garden a Glow Up

How to Give Your Garden a Glow Up

Your garden matters, especially if you are aiming to give out good first impressions to people who might visit. Even the people who don’t actually come into your home are bound to have a look at your garden while passing by, so it’s nice to have things looking their best. If you’ve had a look at your garden and you’ve decided that you are not satisfied with it, then you came to the right place because we have come up with some great ideas. Here’s how to give your garden a glow up, stay tuned!

Do Some Simple Landscaping

First things first, landscaping is going to be the most essential part if you are aiming to transform your garden into something you can be proud of! Simple tasks such as mowing the lawn or planting some flowers can make such a difference. Making sure things are neat and tidy before you start making more significant improvements is a much better idea rather than jumping straight into the deep end. If you buy all sorts of nice additions for your garden, it’s not going to do much for your curb appeal if your hedge is growing out of control and your grass hasn’t been cut in weeks. Something as simple as some nice Monoblock paving could make things look a whole lot more put together! Landscaping is a great place to start if you are thinking about how to give your garden a glow-up.

Some Fancy Outdoor Lighting

With outdoor lighting, your garden will look nothing short of amazing the second the sun goes down. It’s really up to you where you place the lights, you can always move them around until you are happy with the way things look. Something we would recommend would be to have lights running along the top of your fence, this ensures that things will look symmetrical too. If you have a look online then you’ll come to realise that this type of lighting isn’t expensive as you might have thought, there’s no need for any electricians, some Duracell batteries should do just fine!

Add Some Stuff For the Kids

If you have small children living with you, then additions such as slides or climbing frames could offer the kids hours of fun. Not only is this a great excuse to get the kids playing outside in comparison to sitting inside watching TV all day, but it can also look really nice too. A climbing frame and slide could be a really nice touch aesthetically! It’s definitely worth having a look online, if you have children then this is a brilliant idea to take into consideration if you are thinking about how to give your garden a glow-up.

Some Hanging Baskets

Adding some hanging baskets is without a doubt one of the greatest improvements you could make if you aren’t sure how to give your garden a glow-up. Some nice flowers hanging on each side of your door is a brilliant way to make your home look nice and welcoming for your visitors. You don’t have to be into gardening to hang some nice-looking flowers up, it’s pretty simple. Just heading down to a gardening centre and having a look to see what catches your attention.

Clean out your Gutters

Blocked gutters are a horrible sight, seeing vegetation growing from your gutters is pretty disgusting. Not only can blocked gutters ruin all your hard work that you’ve put into your garden, but they are a serious problem in many other regards. For example, damage caused by gutters not doing their job properly can cost you a lot of money, money that you could be spending on more important home improvements. It’s much wiser to look into having your gutters cleaned out before it’s completely apparent that they need to be cleaned, by then the damage could already be done. It’s been recommended that gutters should be cleaned out a few times a year, so if you can’t remember the last time that you had this essential task done on your home then it might be a good idea to click here for gutter cleaning services.

Use a Power Washer

Making use of a power washer is one of the best things to consider when you are thinking about ways to give your garden a glow-up, the difference between your garden after using one could be like night and day. You might not realise how much dirt and grime could be building up on your driveway or porch, but when you get to work with a power washer you will see the difference instantly. When you finish up things are bound to look as great as they did when you first moved in. If you don’t own one of these, then it’s always possible that you could borrow one or rent one, it’s sure to be worth your while.


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