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It is eminent to use Google Pixelbook 12in for work and various purposes. This device can be very handy and useful for the business community. Since people always look into convenience, this device proves itself convenient and appropriate. Regardless of its working ability, it is widely used for entertainment among people.

Thus, we can say that this device is completely a versatile choice. So, a business person should discover extensive features of this pixelbook. Besides, we are bringing up this topic regarding this Google book. This information will help you to find the best reason in buying it for your desire.

So let’s not misspend your time on looking at other devices, and dig into the details right away.

Basics of a Google Pixelbook 12in:

It is a device that can let you work with almost everything on the internet. It has been known as a famous device for regular and specific use. We have seen many laptops and tablets, lacking  special features because of their limitations in components/structure. But, this masterpiece is specially constructed to embody laptop and tablet features together.

You might be confused as, to how a single device can work as a tablet and laptop at once? But, a Google Pixelbook 12in can work in both modes by adding a tent feature. Moreover, it is seamlessly adjustable in various modes bringing the fastest processor ever. 

And multi-tasking is one of the best features, that you can use through this device. But, this is not all that we discussed, it is equipped with more exciting characteristics. So, continue this article for more features in detail.

Some Quality Features of Google Pixelbook 12in:

It is up to you to buy this pixelbook according to your need and observation. But, we have to provide you with complete details, so that you might not perplex while buying it. Here are some extra special features of this gadget,

  • Modes
  • Multi-tasking and specs
  • Pen
  • Audio
  • Design
  • Connectivity


We haven’t seen a device that can seamlessly perform various modes. But, a Google Pixelbook 12in is capable of doing this without any hassle. It is constructed according to the construction of a tablet and a laptop. While the keyboard of this device is completely removable and attachable. You can embody it into a laptop, tablet, tent, and entertainment mode. That is why it is known as 4 in 1 device on the market. And this is the reason for its prominence in the market that you can adjust it according to your will. Simply, it comes in a laptop construction, you can remove the keyboard to make it a tablet.

While the keyboard is moveable in different directions. Which helps you to adjust this device into tent and entertainment modes. These modes give a cinematic look and you can enjoy your favourite serial with a comfortable view. These different modes are the reason why every person appreciates using this gadget.

Multi Tasking and Specs

Dual-tasking depends all upon the processor of a specific device. The more the powerful processor is, the more it works with dual-tasking. This device comes with a 7th generation intel core processor which works to develop to speed. This fast processor allows you to do many tasks at the same time.

And the company is bringing Google Pixelbook 12in with many RAM options. You can choose up to 16 GB of RAM while buying it. If you are a business person, you might need a 16 GB RAM, otherwise, you can select depending on your need and requirements. Additionally, the built-in storage of this book is 512 GB, which is adequate for every use.


It is the most responsive and quick pen that you can ever see after the MacBook pen. Regardless of the speed, it possesses the operational smoothness that is a thing to be appreciated. There are no chances of lag and stutter when you use it. That is why it feels natural to use that pen on the screen.

Furthermore, this pen has a tilt-support feature which brings your stylus experience to a real pen alike experience. It helps users to fill elements just like we do on a paper. Plus, there is a pressure sensitivity feature in the pen, adding a glimpse of reality. Overall, you can use the pen to work on google assistant including all other features.


Based on audio quality, the Google Pixelbook 12in is one of the best choices. The voice is quite clear and it can perform at high quality degree with extensive loudness. Also, It can echo up through a vast room without losing the clarity. While the base feature of this device’s speaker is extremely excellent.

Thus, you can hear your favourite music with sharp vocals, drumming, and the right base every time. Even the voice you hear via attaching headphones is superior compared to most devices.


Google Pixelbook 12in has one of the most sleekest designs that you might ever witness . The elegance of the designs makes it more prominent than other books in the market. It’s slim profile makes it a conveniently portable device to carry around. You will just feel like holding another notebook in your bag. Additionally, it exhibits a compact structure making it a treat when it comes to mobility.


You can connect this Google Pixelbook 12 through Wifi, and internet. Both of these connectivity options are offer seamless support and fast connectivity. Besides, if you are out of internet reach then you can take advantage of this device’s strong WIFI connectivity support. Also, the WIFI observes smallest signal traces letting you connect even from a fair distance.


So that was our detailed analysis regarding Google pixelbook 12in. In the light of our above discussion, this smart device has a great potential to solve your workplace troubles. Since, it has unbelievable features and specifications, you might not search for other such devices elsewhere. Also, It can aid you to deal with your assignment’s dilemma with its fast processor. You can enjoy ultimate audio and video entertainment using this device. Multi-tasking has been simplified and connections are quite impressive. Thus, if you are looking for versatile devices that you can carry with convenience, then you must consider the Google pixelbook 12.


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